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Intro Week - Welcome to the DOJO (April 17th - 21st)

Accelerator overview and networking. Learn what is in store for the next 10 weeks and meet the entire community. Come into Expert DOJO anyime or setup meetings with if you have any questions. 

Every week following we wil have our Accerlator Workshops on Tuesdays from 11am - 4pm. See dates and agenda below. 


Tuesday 10 - 11:30am - Facebook Developer Conference (F8) Live - Learn new tools facebook is lauching to help grow your business.  

Wednesday 10 - 11:30am - F8 Day 2 Live

I. Product Fit (Value Proposition + Customer Profile) (April 25th)

Beware! You are now being watched more carefully than ever before. Virtually every single platform that you are on has thousands of eyeballs viewing what you are doing. While transmedia and social platforms are extremely powerful tools, with great power comes great responsibility. 

Let's set up a time to look at your avatar customers, and value propositions to ensure you are delivering the right message everywhere! 


Tuesday's Workshop (11am - 4pm) - To understand your value let's take a deep look at what your customers pain points are in our Product Fit Workshop. 

II. Setting Milestones & Objectives (May 2nd)

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is jumping into a business without a plan. Where do you want to be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. How will you get there? Everyone comes to Expert DOJO at different stages of their business. We want to understand where you are / where you want to be so we can provide a valuable roadmap to get there. Our milestone map is different from a plan and unique to the Expert DOJO program.  


Tuesday's Workshop (11am - 4pm) - Setting milestones with experts. Creative Strategy Collaboration Session with Expert DOJO  

III. Market Validation (May 9th)

Is a Great Dane a good fit for a Studio Apartment? Do you ever see maple trees growing in the desert? Have you ever sold a mega phone to a monk? The answer to most of the questions is no. No, because they are not a good fit. This week is all about testing your market. You will validate your product and the size of the market.


Tuesday's Workshop (11am - 4pm) - Market Validation / Revenue Models with Experts

IV. Brand Famous (May 16th)

From style guides to company culture todays workshop is all about your consumers understanding of who you are and what you stand for. Our branding workshop helps you discover not only buisness's brand but also your personal brand. 


Tuesday's Workshop (11am - 4pm): Branding Workshop 

V. Building Dream Teams (May 23rd)  

Learn best practices that successful companies from startups to corporations use to hire, motivate, mentor and retain great talent for your company's continued success.  


Tuesday's Workshop (11am - 4pm) - Team building workshop 

VI. Development (May 30th)

Development UX/UI user flow. Getting digital with it. 


Tuesday's Workshop (11am - 4pm) - UX/UI 

V. Pitch Perfect Communication (June 6th)

Communication is vital in all aspects of business. Pitches go beyond standing in front of investors. If we fail to communicate our message to customers, founders, employees, partners, investors we will lose their support. The focus of this workshop is delivering your message effectively. 

“If you give people a good enough ‘why’, they will always figure out the ‘how’.” - Jordan Belfort


Tuesday's Workshop (11am - 4pm) - Communication workshop and collaberation. 

VIII. User Growth (June 13th)

There are several methods to growing users: word of mouth, cold calls, warm calls, SEO, Google ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, gorilla marketing, etc. This list could go on an on. 

This week we want to put you in good hands to make sure you are using all the mediums effectively. 


Tuesday's Workshop (11am - 5pm) - Megaphone Media Workshop

IX. Investment 101 (June 20th)

This week’s focus is Investment education. We will bring in some of the areas top investors to educate us on today's investment trends. What you should be looking for, ways to raise money, and success cases, how to read terms sheets, how to negotiate your terms. 


Tuesday's Workshop (11am - 4pm) - Investment 101 Workshop.  

X. DOJO Investor Festival and Showcase (June 26th - 30th)  

Investor festival and Demo Day 


MONDAY (all day) - Training Day 

WEDNESDAY (all day) - Early Stage Pitch Demo Day 

Thursday (all day) - Later Stage Pitch Demo Day  

FRIDAY (all day) - 1on1 Meetings  

Take a look at our last showcase Investor Festival below: